Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come is a historical documentary that examines an ancient Biblical prophecy giving strong evidence that our planet is not alone in the universe, and that our future does indeed hold meaning.

History Uncovered

Join expert historians and thought leaders including David Asscherick, Professor Andrew R George, Professor Paul Cartledge and Dr Steve Kershaw on a whirlwind journey through the mightiest kingdoms of antiquity; from the gold-drenched city of Babylon, to the mighty metropolis of Rome; examining the courageous deeds of Alexander the Great and the bloodstained triumphs of Roman generals. Ultimately, the story climaxes in our very day, where we see that an ancient prophecy predicted the next move in our world’s timeline.

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Sometimes to know where you’re going you have to look back. Ancient texts, thousands of years old, predicted events happening today and are one of the greatest mysteries of all time.
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The History of Tomorrow

Some Things Never Change
By Julian Archer
Elite forces of international diplomats crisscross our globe. They frantically negotiate to try and deflect blazing sparks away from fuel-drenched, religio-political conflicts. The search is on for a leader who can calm our fears and deliver peace and security to our planet. We sign treaties to solve rapidly escalating economic, environmental and security problems, but it often seems so futile. What are we missing?

The History of Tomorrow reveals earth’s last 2,600 years through the eyes of kings, prophets, popes and presidents. It unveils a pattern in the timeline of history, and exposes an event that will soon permanently alter the face of our planet. The History of Tomorrow is a foundational resource for anyone who seeks to understand the tectonic movements that are shaping geopolitics, religion, and economics today.

Julian Archer is an Australian author and researcher. He travels the globe teaching about the impacts of economic prosperity on spirituality and national security.
Booklet Reading Time: 45 minutes
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