The Sound Desk Training

Want to be a member of the sound team?
We are so glad that you would like to learn how to serve by being part of the audio-visual team at Hamiton Church. Here are some resources to help you understand the sound desk and how to setup and manage sound control. The play list below has 8 videos presented by Ryan Cuff on the topics listed below. Please watch these through to improve your level of knowledge and understanding of the sound desk and audio system at Hamilton church.
Video 01: The Ethics of Sound
Video 02: Microphones & Input Types
Video 03: Gains, Groups & Faders
Video 04: The Equalizer
Video 05: Auxiliaries
Video 06: Common Problems
Video 07: Setup
Video 08: Where to Find More Info
I hope these resources have equiped you with valuable information on how to contribute to the audio-visual team. If you have any questions, please talk to your team leader.
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