We will be live streaming our Sabbath School program and church service! We would love for you to join us.

Our Sabbath School / Bible Study program at 10:00am, and those joining us on the live stream via Facebook will be able to make comments and questions that we will respond to and interact with. Our Church Service at 11:00am will be a worship service with a few of the familiar components, and the second message of a 3-part sermon series called "The Good Shepherd." Sabbath, March 28, will be the final message of the series called, "One Flock, and One Shepherd."

Other Live Streamed Church Services

Join one of our local churches online this coming Sabbath! Subscribe to the youtube channel or turn on notifications on the Facebook page so that you will be notified when the live stream begins.

More Content

Need digital content resources? You can find more live and OnDemand content on:
Waymaker: https://www.waymaker.tv
Hope Channel: https://www.hopechannel.com/au/watch/shows
Faith FM: https://faithfm.com.au/programs/
The Incredible Journey: https://tij.tv/media-library/
3ABN: https://www.3abnaustralia.org.au
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