A documentary series exploring some of life’s biggest questions.

Beyond Disaster - Episode 1

What’s going on? Where are we headed? Is anyone in control? Beyond Disaster explores environmental, social and financial events to reveal the bigger picture that unites them all. From deforestation of the Amazon to moral degeneration of society, from the food crisis in your local supermarket to the future fears of Wall Street, Beyond Disaster uncovers an epic story that gives hope to a world in crisis.

Beyond Conflict – Episode 2

Deadly conflicts are occurring on almost every continent, but these wars are the consequences of a bigger struggle for power. Beyond Conflict explores the role gossip plays in staring up conflict and drops into it a robotics conference in South Korea to fine the purpose of life. Take time to look beyond the conflict and find meaning in the bigger picture.

Beyond Pain – Episode 3

Do you want to live a life without pain? Although we don’t like it, pain is a vital part of life! Yet we challenge the reason for its existence when we ask questions like, why do bad things happen to good people? Or how could a loving God allow pain? Beyond Pain explores physical, mental and spiritual pain to reveal deeper life changing issues. Pain doesn’t make sense if God is all loving and all-powerful. Or does it?

Beyond Belief – Episode 4

Miraculously preserve for two millennia, ancient scrolls contain a narrative that places our world in the middle of the cosmic drama. Beyond Belief looks for confirmation that what these tests contain can be trusted as true. Explore Italy’s beautiful Waldensian Valley, Israel’s Qumran caves, and hear a first hand account of a man tortured to the point of death for his belief in what these ancient texts contained.

Beyond Heroes – Episode 5

Everyone is searching for a hero. Some look to comics, celebrities, and even sport stars. Beyond Heroes investigates this theme at Comicon International in San Diego, behind the bars of a notorious gaol and on the cobbled streets of old Jerusalem. Do we need a hero? Or are we looking for something much bigger? Who are the heroes you look up to? Do they really have your best interests at heart?

Beyond Lost – Episode 6

When you are lost, a GPS is helpful. But when you are trapped, you require a rescue plan. British yachtsmen Tony Bullimore and two underground miners from Beaconsfield, Tasmania, share their amazing rescue stories and recount the joy of reunion with friends and family after they’re near death experiences. Their stories take us beyond our local predicament to the epic rescue that planet Earth and so desperately needs.

Beyond Guilt – Episode 7

We all have to deal with guilt at some point in our lives. Whether we do or not will either free us or take us deeper into entrapment of one kind or another. Beyond Guilt talks with Emmanuel Jal, a child soldier in the Sudanese civil war, and reveals how he dealt with his guilt overload. Renowned psychologist, Dr Arch Hart, gives insights into the psychology of guilt, revealing the piece that lies beyond it.

Beyond Rules – Episode 8

The laws of the country tell us a lot about its people and their character. Likewise, God’s rules tell us much about Him and His kingdom. In our story, the villain attacks God by attacking His rules. Beyond Rules visits a country that has tried to resist the influence of law, and also explores how love makes a huge difference in our attitude towards rules.

Beyond Burnout – Episode 9

Electrical devices aren’t the only things that burn out. People and relationships do too, and often for the same reason – overload. In this digital age where we’re bombarded with multiple messages requiring instant action, we’re under pressure, with less time to do more. How do we survive in this? Beyond our busy lives there is a safety switch that guards against a blown brain-circuit and delivers real rest and peace.

Beyond Counterfeit – Episode 10

Few experiences are a soul-destroying as falling victim to a scam. In the great cosmic conflict, humankind bought into a scam about God’s intentions and character. Beyond Counterfeit is the story, true yet stranger than fiction, with devastating consequences. We only see beyond the counterfeit when we recognize the real thing.

Beyond Death – Episode 11

Why are we so interested in what happens after we die? Ghosts, vampires and the undead are the themes of society’s most popular movies, books and tails. Beyond Death enters the home of vampires to find out why, and shows the lengths and expense to which some people go to cheat death. Beyond the conflicting notions about what happens when we die, there is one absolute: your destiny is your choice.

Beyond Hell – Episode 12

In this episode, we go to Hell. We’re there to find the story about ultimate destiny. Is Hell a real place? If so, what does that tell us about God who claims to be loving and just? And if not, where did the concept originate? For many, life on earth really is like hell. Beyond Hell reveals a place of peace beyond trouble and misery, in an eternity of abundance, free from pain and oppression.

Beyond Warning – Episode 13

When Harry Truman was warned to leave his home because nearby Mt St Helens was about to erupt, he was faced with a dilemma. Beyond Warning seeks insight into the human response to such choices among the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia and Mount St Helens. Their stories will guide you when considering your response to the Bible’s warning of not dissimilar events soon to come.

Beyond Talk – Episode 14

Loyalty and commitment don’t just happen. They result from the positive choices and changes we make in our lives. Beyond Talk explores the commitment needed for a successful lasting marriage, the mental preparation of the world’s most dangerous sport, and the dedication to survive big wave surfing. Loyalty to God involves a choice, commitment and dedication with benefits that last forever. Go beyond superficial talk and discover genuine and lasting happiness.

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